ClickBank Product Launches – Grab Your Share of the Wealth

A major successful product launch on ClickBank does two huge things for the product vendor. First, of course, there is a very substantial amount of money that is generated quickly. In the first week of a major, successful product launch fortunes are made. The trick, of course, is that it has to be successful.

The other big thing that happens is they product vendor’s list grows enormously. They will have an opt-in form on their sales page and a percentage of the visitors will input their name and email address in exchange for a PDF file, free video, etc. The list is vital because the product vendor can then send emails out to the list promoting other products as an affiliate

So what does it take to mastermind a successful product launch on ClickBank? The first thing is a big mailing list. It is much easier to convince big joint venture partners to mail for you on launch day if you have the leverage of a big list yourself. If you do, it is easier to convince the big super-affiliates to mail for you because they will expect you to mail for them when their next product launch comes to pass.

Some people say there is a secretive inner-circle of a few dozen big super-affiliates who control the big product launches on ClickBank. Not true–at least not completely true. It can be difficult starting out trying to recruit major JV partners if you have no big list yourself to reciprocate with. The thing it takes, then, to convince the big players to promote for you is a big list yourself.

If it’s your first big product launch you can still put together a launch of some consequence if you have done your homework and established relationships with some of the big key players ahead of time. Have you promoted for them in the past. Even if you didn’t sell a ton of units for them, just the fact that you can prove that you did can weigh in heavily.

Have you bought their products? A you in one of their membership sites? Have you written articles and submitted them to directories reviewing their products? Have you met them at conferences or workshops? Have you interviewed them? Have you promoted their products on your blog? Did you create videos to promote their products? These things all count! The more you can point out to them that you have tried to help them in the past, the more likely it is they will help you with your launch.

The other big things are that you must have a sales page that has shown to covert extraordinarily well. You should have run some PPC ads for it to test its conversion rate. You must have an excellent product. Affiliates hate refunds and problems down the road. They want to take care of their lists and they won’t promote products that don’t have an outstanding value.

A product launch takes time and effort. But if you can pull a big one off you can be heir to a sizable amount of cash and your list will grow incredibly fast allowing you to market to it for years to come. Good luck!

Mike McMillan has created over ninety informational products. These have included books, eBooks, videos, membership sites and advanced coaching programs. Mike has done dozens of radio and television author interviews including his feature interview on ABC World News.

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