the obstruction on their part

We should envision the obstruction on their part and act likewise as we progress to a more accommodating and fair world. As I composed a year ago in my yearly conjecture for 2018, the dominating energies of the Eleven are instructing and motivating. We have had a year loaded with exercises. Some have been educated and acknowledged enthusiastically and, many have been compelled to the surface with the goal that we may face them.

The exercise here is to evade abundance. Be moderate and ingenious. The more that delight is sought after, the more probable numerology reading the outcome will be less useful results. To delineate this, recollect what the abundances of 1929 drove to…the crash of 1929 and the world was dove into its most exceedingly awful ever monetary emergency. The circumstances of 1938 prompted the flare-up of World War II. The harmony that followed WWII (1947) prompted the Atomic Age and the start of the Cold War. The pressures of the Cold War in 1956 prompted an expansion in the race for innovative preferences and an acceleration in the geo-political atmosphere on the planet. 1965 was the harbinger of social changes at no other time seen. 1974 saw a political outrage and misfortune of new extents, and the world was rarely the equivalent. 1983 saw emotional circumstances in the financial atmosphere. 1992 carried with it another degree of partisanship and disruptiveness in the political field. 2001 presented to us the occasions of September 11, and another degree of government impedance and the disintegration of individual freedoms and rights. Another dynamic was made. The consistent theme here is the way that the entirety of the years referenced were THREE Universal years. Be careful that more avarice and inefficient luxury will go before inconvenience. Watch for the emotional event(s) in 2019 and realize that another move has arrived. It is this very energy which we should altogether attempt to change.

Through certain creation and activities and exercises of an edified nature, the results can be influenced. We should utilize our voices and stand in opposition to the treacheries, overabundances, and maltreatments of which we become mindful. The ride may get bumpier, however the potential for another and better world is consistently there for the making. Be consistent with yourself. Utilize the inventive energy of 2019, and roll out the improvements which will profit your quick world, and the world overall. For every one of you by and by, give a valiant effort to utilize the inventive and expressive energy of the THREE to assist you with achieving what you do during your very own Year.

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